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Fact checking the world


Is everything you read on the internet true? Of course it isn’t. But how do you know if a statement is true or disputable? Whether it is based on facts or just represents the opinion of one person?


Fact check it with Deb8able.net!


Deb8able.net helps gain insight into the veracity of online publications. It does so by…


Learn-timestables.com is a completely web-based program which helps children to practice their times tables in an effective and fun way. The idea for the program was born out of the daily practice of primary school teaching. It combines all imaginable methods to practice the times tables.

It has proven to be useful to neglect the times tables which the child already knows. When practicing, the focus should be on sections that have not been mastered yet. This is why learn-timestables.com uses a ‘color system’. When the child is able to answer the exercise within 4 seconds, the color turns green; within 6 seconds yellow, within 8 seconds orange and when it needs longer than 8 seconds it will turn red. The frequency at which the program is asking the various exercises is in the ratio of red:orange:yellow:green 8:6:4:1. In this way, the exercises that need more practicing are asked more often, and the exercises that are mastered perfectly are only asked to avoid that they will be forgotten – and they are also there to encourage the child.

Finally, this program makes it fun for children to practice the times tables. It uses a unique rewarding system: the children are able to earn some “money” and buy their own reward in the “shop” of learn-timestables.com!!!