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Is everything you read on the internet true? Of course it isn’t. But how do you know if a statement is true or disputable? Whether it is based on facts or just represents the opinion of one person?

Fact check it with!

No Reviews yet. helps gain insight into the veracity of online publications. It does so by letting people check statements using arguments for and against them. Other readers can then vote for the arguments they agree with. Arguments that many people agree with will make it to the top of the list. Less relevant or flawed arguments will automatically end up at the bottom.


This way we can combine the power of the internet – huge amounts of freely available information – with the power of ‘the crowd’. A group knows more than one person, no matter how smart this person is. By combining the intellectual powers of many readers, information becomes much more valuable.


How does this work?


Read something that you’d like to start a discussion about? You can do this either through a Deb8able button on the website you find yourself on, or by means of a Deb8able plug-in in your web browser. Both of these let you highlight the statement concerned and note down arguments for and against it. Other readers can then respond to your arguments. The discussion is visible in the article under discussion and at


At, you will also find a trending topics list that shows you which articles spark a lot of debate, as well as a section with editors’ picks. Media can send in their own articles for this section too. Encouraging debate in a structured way will make their articles more noteworthy, after all. For readers, a structured and sensible debate at is much more relevant and readable than the average comment section we are used to finding below articles. has a moderator board that helps users to formulate arguments concisely. After all, the more concise the wording, the faster others will gain insight in the argumentation and form their own opinion.



There are countless websites that let you respond to other people’s statements and utterances. Most of the time, this happens through a forum. Reactions are often emotional, short-sighted and oversimplified. Well-founded responses are often so elaborate that hardly anyone takes the time to read them. A forum therefore often contributes to the confusion rather than that it helps solve complex issues.


Deb8able wants to use debate to create more clarity. That is why Deb8able has a moderator board that helps users to formulate their arguments concisely, step by step!

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